A healthy and safe working conditions

BG05M9OP001-1.008 “A healthy and safe working conditions”

лого на опThis procedure aims to improve the working environment in enterprises by providing good and safe working conditions as well as efficient and flexible forms of work organization and management of human resources, which in turn is expected to improve the quality of jobs and reflects positively on labor productivity in enterprises.

The procedure also aims to promote geographical mobility of the workforce in the country by supporting employers by providing transportation of employees in enterprises persons incl. in order to maintain their employment and higher levels of sustainable employment when the workplace is outside the settlement of their employment.

The procedure for grant has been funded with support from the European Social Fund.

The total amount of the grant under this procedure is 80 million leva.

The complete set Eligibility is posted on the following web sites: http://esf.bg/, http://www.eufunds.bg/ and https://eumis2020.government.bg/

Deadline for submission of the project proposal is on 06.14.2016 17:30.

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