ATESTA is a system for managing competencies of pupils from preschool to 12th grade (for verification of acquired knowledge), students (candidate student exams, knowledge verification) and employees (annual employee appraisal systems for assessing processes organization, conducting video interviews for work by professionals – human resources, psychologists).

The aim is to create a model of an accredited (certified) examination center, and later a network of such) which provides an opportunity for residents in small and remote towns and people with special needs to participate in the candidate student exams for university -s in Bulgaria to attend job interviews, employers (including government departments) have the opportunity to assess the competence and qualifications of employees simultaneously in all branches of the organization regardless of the number and location.

At the moment on the Bulgarian market there are not available accredited examination cents, whose test results have weight with Bulgarian schools, universities and employers, whether private or public. ATESTA has all the prerequisites to become the first such center in Bulgaria, and later in Europe.

In a lengthy or even decelerating its temp globalization and digitalization, not only business should look for ways to be more accessible, more familiar, more available, no, that has long been part of education, too. That is why they needed new ways flexible ways to deliver education to the end user. This is done not only by providing a textbook in electronic form and insistent advice “Read and everything will become clear!” As the acquired knowledge must be proven and implemented, we offer a system for conducting online exams.

Not only exams to complete a course – according to Ordinance #2 issued by the Minister of Education and Science, everyone has the opportunity to validate the knowledge acquired alone or in operation and obtain a certificate (certificate) proving possession of these knowledge – well, why not online ?! Easy, convenient and above all more cost-effective for the end user, ATESTA system for management of competences – of students, staff workers. Do not just talk about education as business and public administration also have potential benefit of ATESTA – test the knowledge and skills of employees, annual appraisals – can not be completed in time or offhours from home, on the road or in the park.