Ministry of Innovation and Growth announces a call for proposals for the implementation of investments by final recipients BG-RRP-3.004 “Technological modernisation”

The admission procedure for technological modernisation has started

Projects can be submitted until 21 September 2022.

Procedure BG-RRP-3.004 “Technological modernisation” is the first of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan (NRSP) under which businesses can apply.

Enterprises will receive support for the purchase of new technological equipment with a focus on the digitisation of production processes and achieving the expansion of production capacity and/or diversification of products/services offered.

Projects are open to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises registered no later than 31.12.2019. Applicants for the scheme must have their main activity in one of the following sectors of the economy: manufacturing; architectural and engineering activities; film and television production, sound recording and music publishing; radio and TV activities; information technology activities; information services; R&D. There are also requirements on the total net sales revenue generated by the canidates in the last three financial years.

The total amount of the grant under the scheme is BGN 260 million

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